The support you need to grow your business

The support you need to grow your business

creative business advisory & consulting

Helping passionate entrepreneurs grow sustainable businesses

We know the challenges you face as an entrepreneur. So we’re here to empower you with all the cutting-edge business practices, skills and support you need for success in the modern world.

Our main services are Enterprise Supplier Development, IT Advisory and Mlima Care. Enterprise Supplier Development will build your business knowledge and help you avoid the pitfalls faced by new businesses. The IT Advisory will help you navigate the ever-changing information technology scene and bridge the gap between business and IT. Mlima Care is dedicated to developing the career prospects of our youth and empowering and advancing women in business.

Enterprise Supplier Development

Empowering you with knowledge and skills

IT Advisory

Narrow the gap between Business and Information Technology

Mlima Care

Developing the youth and empowering women in business.

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